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Poltrona Frau | HMES | INSPACE

25 December 2019

Poltrona Frau is chosen as the authorised supplier for HMES Projects and Products for Furniture Fixture & Equipment (FF&E).

HMES was conceptualised in early 2006 as a constellation of terrestrial training stations to study, identify and analyse, from Earth, long-term outer space challenges and opportunities, which in turn prepare humans for missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Since then the project has grown to become a state of the art Ground Systems Architecture for Sustainable Settlements & Communities and STEM Aerospace Education Centres, in co-ordination with the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

The HMES project provides a number of mixed-use urban facilities and terrestrial space modules, where humans can study, live, work and experience together. HMES operates as an open organisation for the global community and International Space Agencies to connect and experience environmental management, science planning, quantum observation and human biomedical advancements along with the application of technologies that improve longevity and quality of life on Earth and in the Cosmos.

In International Collaboration, HMES joins all global efforts to find peak health and performance solutions that mitigate the effects of climate challenges on participants and offering Zvezda QTS. The ZVEZDA QTS is a unique Personal Protection Platform (PPP) designed to create virtual immortality; to support the wellbeing of participants and to improve their way of living on Earth.

The ZVEZDA QTS is a structure, which uses well-known laws of physics and knowledge gained from space technology, to create a robust and secure terrestrial environment for human experience. It comes equipped with state of the art Poltrona Frau interiors, a dedicated medical team and relevant medical and other diagnostic applications which monitor the participant’s health and wellbeing for the early mitigation of potential illness.

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