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Architects & Designers

The story of Poltrona Frau is also the story of the numerous Italian and international architects and designers with which it has collaborated over the years. Some have worked on just a single project, others have collaborated with the company regularly over many years, but all have become an integral part of the Poltrona Frau world.

A system of shared values underpinned by a profound design culture in which intelligence is channeled to meet people’s everyday needs. Not just formal research, therefore, but deep reflection that considers the requirements and evolution of contemporary living. This “lofty” vision of design, where creativity always stems from an idea, from active participation in the surrounding world, is the common denominator that brings together sensitivity and often very diverse styles. This is joined by the ability of the brand to interpret and guarantee a form of creativity that is expressed in a myriad of different shapes and sizes. Its consolidated experience and continuous research into materials and innovative techniques makes it a valuable participant in the design process, not merely an agent but a genuine partner of the interior designer. Thanks to its three divisions - Home & Office, Contract and Interiors in Motion - Poltrona Frau is able to accept and develop all kinds of projects in both the private and public spheres. This broad collaboration with architects and designers from all over the world is a source of great pride for the company. A way of opening up to different visions of design and embracing new ideas and new challenges, to meet head on every time.

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