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Elisir di Lunga Vita Leather Purifier Wipes is an accessory specifically designed to sanitise Pelle Frau® leather. The wipes are a quick and easy way of carrying out periodic maintenance on the leather. The Elisir di Lunga Vita Wipes Kit consists of 10 complete purifying treatments packaged in practical single-use sachets to ensure that the product is in perfect condition at all times.


Leather Purifier Wipes is a Hydrogen Peroxide based product designed to be used on leather when routine cleaning is not sufficient, and particularly on objects used by multiple people or in places where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Use only on Pelle Frau® SC, Saddle and Saddle Executive leather. Not suitable for other materials, in particular brass, copper and marble. Do not use on suede/nubuck.

Carefully read the instructions enclosed in the kit.

Elisir di Lunga Vita Leather Purifier Wipes

PELLE FRAU® SC | Colorsphere®

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