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In Chinese Xi means “morning light” but also “in praise of wisdom”. And when the XI lamps designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau are switched on their soft, full light is evocative of sunlight at dawn. The project seeks to convey a culture of light founded on the understanding that the start of every new day is like the beginning of life, infused with positivity and a sense of rebirth.

The Xi lamps, in blown glass and saddle-leather, allow themselves to be cradled by the space like lanterns. The light fitting combines two blown glass elements. The outer layer of glass, with its particular regular ridged surface, is transparent and comes in amber, emerald, sapphire or moonstone. The inner piece of glass, white with a pearl finish, makes the light warm and diffused. Unique pieces blown by master glassmakers of Venice with the use of body-tinted glass. Differences in colour and little air bubbles are due to the artistic processing of the glass and must therefore be regarded as fine details that make every product unique and unrepeatable.

The light fitting is hung from a Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strap, available in the two finishes Camel and Taupe, with dyed tone-on-tone raw-edge seam and branded Poltrona Frau logo. In the new floor and pendant versions the strap used to hang the lamp is held in place by a metal loop with brushed brass finish.

The Xi collection comprises various types of lamps: pendant lamps, lamps fitted to horizontal bars and not, floor arm lamps and table lamps.


In the pendant version, available in various combinations of single or multiple lamps, the Xi lights are fitted to a horizontal bar of adjustable height available in two lengths, 130 cm and 180 cm, and with matt gunmetal grey finish. The electrical cables have a black finish. The rail structure of the bar makes it possible to move the lights horizontally and fix them in the desired position.


In the table lamp version the light fitting consists of a large lantern positioned on a metal base with natural brass finish. The Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strap supports the lamp and can be used as a handle when moving it. The light can be adjusted using the on/off dimmer touch system.

The floor arm lamp consists of a single extra large pendant lamp. The supporting bar is in brushed burnished steel. The Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strap to which the light fitting is hooked continues down to the base, covering the bottom part of the steel mount. The bottom consists of a circular base in semi-polished Nero Marquina marble topped with a metal counterpoise. The marble base has a sheet metal trim. All metal details of the base have a brushed burnished finish.

The Extra Large Pendant version consists of a single extra large lantern hung using a Cuoio Saddle Extra leather strap. The rose used to attach it to the ceiling is made from aluminium with brushed brass finish.


  • price

    R 101 040. 00

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  • size

    Small - H 230 x ø 130 mm

    Large - H 290 x ø 180 mm

    XL - H 300 x ø 320 mm

  • specification

    Lighting Fixtures

    Made out of two pieces of blown glass: a transparent, ribbed one available in many finishes at the top and a finished pearl-coloured one at the bottom.

    Glass Finish

    Amber / Emerald / Sapphire / Moonstone


    SaddleE (Camel / Mole grey)

  • remarks


    1. Bar with one suspension lamp (sizes S, L)
    2. Linear suspension compositions on different sized bars (6 different compositions made from two or three same sized or different sized lamps)
    3. XL suspension lamp
    4. Floor arm lamp
    5. Table lamp
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    2D DWG / 3D DWG

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