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A vase or a sculpture? Rips, by Carina Seth Andersson, fulfils both definitions: a vase for plants, flowers and branches whose strong formal and material presence also enables it to go it alone as a purely decorative element.

A symmetrical, simple, sculpted form with the richness and thickness of the finest quality glass, mouth-blown by Venetian master craftsmen.

An object with a minimalist design that conveys Poltrona Frau’s love for the beautiful.
When used as a flower vase Rips merges harmoniously with its contents, highlighting their shapes and colours. The outer surface is decorated with a motif of diagonal lines in relief that create an optical effect which is emphasised by the water and branches in the vase.

The oblique lines make the surface three dimensional and underline the beauty of the blown glass in an original way, as if they were lines of stitching on leather.  The relief has two different directions, which follow the three main sections of the object, highlighting the vase’s variations in volume.

The Rips vases come in two sizes: large, with diameter of 24 cm and height of 33 cm, and small, with diameter of 20 cm and height of 27 cm. Both are coloured grey. A pale hue for a gentle, understated product that adds a touch of delicate and refined elegance to all types of decor without ever imposing. The Poltrona Frau logo and the designer’s signature are inscribed on the bottom of vase.

The Objects — Rips

  • price

    R 32 400 - Small Pot

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  • size

    Φ 200 x 270 mm

  • specification


    Mouth-blown Glass

PELLE FRAU® SC | Colorsphere®

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