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The splendour of silk, the depth of velvet, the fineness of linen, the natural beauty of leather. Soft and sumptuous colours, rich and refined patterns. Poltrona Frau Decorative Cushions add a valuable and authentic personal touch to the rooms of the home.

The collection comprises 17 different products inspired by two of the most cultured and interesting characters on the international textile decorations panorama: refined textile designer Pierre Frey and legendary silk genius Jim Thompson.
Five decorative cushions are covered in fine 100% cotton velvet from the Pierre Frey “Fine Velvet Collection”. The Fine colour range is designed by India Mahdavi, well-known all over the world for her eclectic and elegant use of colour. Poltrona Frau chooses the Powder, Terracotta, Dijon, Fouger and Duck shades and combines them with five Pelle Frau® colours which are used to create thin piping along the edges of the cushions. The label sporting the company logo is also in Pelle Frau® leather.
In the part of the collection dedicated to Jim Thompson every cushion has the charm of a painting. The American designer with the adventurous lifestyle visited Thailand in the 1940’s where he was amazed by the traditional silk production process, duly founding The Thai Silk Company. His fabrics, a combination of vibrant oriental colours and Western style and elegance, became iconic.  Thompson’s company is still headquartered in Bangkok today and has preserved its artisan spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing methods, as well as its use of the finest raw materials.
Poltrona Frau has chosen twelve fabrics from the vast Jim Thompson range, covering different yarns, weaving techniques and patterns. The decorative cushions have 17th century oriental landscape designs printed in 21 colours. Floral motifs inspired by traditional Asian ceramics, in jacquard embroidery on silk satin. Caladium foliage printed on linen in lively violets or delicate shades of grey-blue. A very fine satin linen printed with handmade prints of the lion’s dance, a typical feature of Chinese New Year parades. Sophisticated patterns inspired by the Banyan tree in three wonderfully faded colours and the flowering of the Heliconia, a tropical plant that grew in the garden of the designer’s legendary Thai home, on a fine linen fabric embroidered with colourful viscose threads.
The decorative cushions made with Jim Thompson prints are refined with fabric piping and a Camello (Camel-coloured) Cuoio Saddle Extra leather label branded with the Poltrona Frau logo.

The Decorative Cushions - Jim Thompson

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    All Decorative cushions in the collection are available in the sizes 47x47 cm and 35x57 cm.

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