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In fact, the wood, leather, steel and Calacatta gold marble are joined by Fenix NTM®, a hi-tech material with unique characteristics. As well as its extremely matt, anti-fingerprint surface, suitable for food contact and pleasantly soft to the touch, Fenix NTM® is highly resistant to the elements and can be regenerated following minor scratches to the surface. The Bob Bistrot side tables are the perfect complement for the Archibald armchair and stool but can also be easily matched with other models.

The six Bob Bistrot side tables can have a round table top, in various diameters, or a square table top.  The tops are available in Fenix NTM® in the colours Grigio Londra or Nero Ingo, in birch plywood with Canaletto Walnut veneer, or in Calacatta gold marble (with a glossy finish to which a transparent polyester paint is applied to increase its surface resistance, or a semi-glossy finish for a natural result). The Bob Bistrot side tables have a cross-shaped base in burnished brushed steel and available in different heights. The top part of the leg has a steel structure equipped with a steel collar which can be veneered in Canaletto walnut or painted white, grey or black.

The Bob Bistrot side tables come with the following combinations of finishes:

Top: Canaletto walnut, Collar: Canaletto walnut veneer, Base: burnished brushed steel

Top: Calacatta gold marble, Collar: painted white, Base: burnished brushed steel

Top: Fenix NTM® Nero Ingo, Collar: painted black, Base: burnished brushed steel

Top: Fenix NTM® Grigio Londra, Collar: painted grey, Base: burnished brushed steel

Bob Bistrot | Square small table

PELLE FRAU® SC | Colorsphere®

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