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Poltrona Frau Cape Town | Authorized Brand Dealer

Design Together Rewards System


The Poltrona Frau Design Together program, hosted by INSPACE
studio, is an innovative marketing initiative aimed at rewarding
discerning clients, exceptional architects, interior designers, and
professionals. The program offers digital tools for the rewards system and provides a collaborative environment for outstanding
professionals. It grants Credits for purchased Poltrona Frau products and exclusive benefits through the monetized system.

The next level of the program is the Design Together Competition, serving as a platform where professionals can showcase their best projects using Poltrona Frau Products to gain international recognition. The program includes exclusive events and an educational platform, the Poltrona Frau Digital
Academy, offering continuous updates and insights.

Poltrona Frau:
The Choice of Architects and Design Professionals for Over a Century.

Excellence has become history

Poltrona Frau, an international leader in the high-end furniture sector, has roots extending far back in time. Renzo Frau founded Poltrona Frau in Turin in 1912. By the 1930s, it had already established itself as a status symbol. The Poltrona Frau brand is globally recognized as the undisputed leader in excellence for sustainably crafting leather upholstered objects for homes, public spaces, and luxury travel interiors. The brand has consistently distinguished itself through experimentation, challenging market norms with a commitment to innovation and creativity.


To immerse oneself in the settings of Poltrona Frau showrooms, browse through the latest collections and our icons, and discover the secrets of our products while wandering through the heart of the world's metropolitan cities.

Explore the virtual Poltrona Frau to discover:

Poltrona Frau Cape Town was founded in 1999 by Euro Casa to provide personalised customer service for Made in Italy products and services for Investment Spaces - INSPACE, consulting on trends in architecture, finance, and exclusive lifestyles. This allows us to build strong relationships with clients, architects, designers, and professionals, broadening horizons, connecting experiences, and sharing knowledge.


On March 22, 2012, Poltrona Frau inaugurated its first mono-brand showroom in the southern part of the African continent. In collaboration with George Giorgio, an architect with great expertise in design, the showroom assists clients and design professionals in realizing new interior opportunities for luxury residential and commercial properties by providing exclusive working solutions and Poltrona Frau products to support their specific needs.


The store is situated in the design district, a strategic reference area for the most important architecture studios in Cape Town. Located at the junction of Somerset and Cobern Road, the store is inspired by the Jean-Marie Massaud concept that Poltrona Frau has adopted in all its stores worldwide.



In ONLINE consultations, we analyse the needs of clients and
design professionals regarding interior layout to propose timeless designs that complement lifestyles, prioritize maximum
comfort, and ensure quality. Our consultants are interior specialists with extensive interior knowledge, and many possess professional qualifications such as first-class architects.


At Poltrona Frau Cape Town, one of our exclusive brand dealers, Elitza Giorgia provides consultations and supplies Poltrona Frau products to clients, architectural firms, and design professionals across all Southern African regions. These offerings are tailored to meet specific design, size, material, color, function, and aesthetic project requirements.

Poltrona Frau INSPACE Studio Atelier

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