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The Panarea mattress is made using a “hybrid” technology that combines micro pocket and independent springs with natural latex and horsehair


Can be used on both sides ∙ Medium load-bearing capacity ∙ 7 differentiated load-bearing zones · Soft ∙ Ergonomic ∙ Anti-mite ∙ Self-moulding ∙ Cleanable ∙ Air-cooled ∙ Breathable and ventilated · Correct sleeping position ∙ Removable cover (zip that goes right around the edge


Thickness: 25 cm



  1. Natural hemp. Anti-mite, jacquard weave.
  2. Heat-accumulating winter padding in pure virgin wool from WOOLMARK certified shearing.
  3. Padded case lining in natural cotton fabric.
  4. Natural cotton protective cover over single piece of foam.
  5. Rubberised, ventilated natural horsehair for the perfect breathability of the mattress. Thickness 1.5
  6. Layer of 100% natural latex with differentiated load-bearing zones for the different pressure points, non-deforming, self-moulding, with open intercommunicated cells and holes for perfect breathability, density 80 kg/m3. Thickness 3 cm.
  7. Compact white insulation in carded, needled, heat-fused fibres.
  8. Springs in 7 differentiated load-bearing zones for the different pressure points, comprising, for the double bed, of approximately 1700 independent micro pocket springs made from carbon steel wire with diameter of 1.3 mm, tempered, self-moulding and in separate fabric pockets.
  9. Perimeter box support in non-deforming, micro-perforated, high density expanded POLYCELL, micro-perforated and anti-humidity.
  10. Summer padding in heat-diffusing pure staple cotton.


Matching bed base. Vespero.


Being a mattress with pocket springs, Panarea is not particularly suited to a base with manual or electrical movements. Its natural match is a fixed frame.

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