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Blown glass and the purity of light by skilled Venetian craftsmen. GamFratesi's minimalist design captures the very moment that blown glass technique gives shape to glass. The delicate and irregularly shaped gloves appear to pop out of a thin arm (bracelet-like belt) of tanned leather suspended in the air by the force of gravity.

The Soffi lamp consists of two elements made of blown glass. The almost immaterial airy outer gloves are colored with a gradation of milk white or smoke gray. The inner glove (luminous) is made of pearl-finished matt white blown glass for a solid look. When the lamp is turned on, the evenly diffused light accentuates the exquisite color and transparency gradation of the outer glass. Each Soffi lamp is unique, and the well-balanced magical effect of producing various lights looks even more fantastic. A variety of gradations and irregular shapes are created by molding pasty colored glass using the blown glass technique. The Cuoio Saddle Extra arm (bracelet belt) with a camel or mogul finish is decorated with opposite-color stitching and tone-on-tone leather-cut trim. Similarly, a leather belt loop hides the belt seams. The arm is branded with the Poltrona Frau logo. All metal parts on the inside have a natural brass finish. The rosette is made of white painted steel and has an adjustable transparent cord.

The three sizes of lamps (large, medium and small) in the Soffi collection can be freely combined to create various layouts. In addition to single lamps, there are parallel layouts with 3 lamps and cluster layouts with 3 or 5 lamps. The chandelier layout consists of 9 different diameter tanned leather Saddle Extra upholstered concentric rings with 9 medium size lamps (6 lamps on the larger ring and 3 on the smaller inner ring). lamp).


  • price

    R 504 000. 00

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  • size

    Small - H 300 x ø 180 mm

    Medium - H 400 x ø 220 mm

    Large - H 580 x ø 330 mm

  • specification

    Lighting Fixtures

    They consist of a blown glass internal bulb in a milk white etched finish and an external part in blown glass.


    Glass Finish

    White / Smoked



    SaddleE (Cammello / Talpa)

  • remarks


    1. Multi Chandelier Composition
    2. Single Lamps (Sizes S, M, L)
    3. Linear Compositions (Sizes S, M)
    4. Cluster Compositions (6 different compositions consisting of 3 or 5 lamps of the same or different sizes)
    5. Chandelier Composition (9 Medium-size lights)
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    2D DWG / 3D DWG

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