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In designing the Pierre side tables, Jean-Marie Massaud carries out an in-depth study of the material, exploring the maximum expressive potential of marble and reinterpreting it in a completely original way. In fact, in the three Pierre side tables designed for Poltrona Frau, the top surface is obtained by cutting a sheet of Nero Pagoda marble into tiles of different width which are then turned so that the natural veins of the marble become straight lines running parallel to the longest side of the table.

The effect is highly graphical, modern and stylish, simple on the surface yet requiring consummate expertise in the preparation and assembly of the material. Meanwhile, the Calacatta gold marble finish is obtained from a single sheet and respects the different characteristics of this type of marble. In both versions, an aluminium frame, deceptively straightforward in appearance, showcases the natural beauty of the surface.


The Pierre side tables consist of an L-section aluminium frame and an underlying base made from tubular steel with knurled aluminium feet. The entire product is lacquered with a burnished finish.
The marble tops are available in Nero Pagoda marble with Natural glossy finish or Calacatta gold marble. The latter can be treated with a glossy finish, to which a transparent polyester paint is applied to increase its surface resistance, or a semi-glossy finish for a more natural look. The tops in Nero Pagoda marble are made by combining tiles of different width cut in such a way that the veins run parallel to the longest side of the table, while the Calacatta gold marble tops are made from a single sheet.


  • price

    R 174 000. 00

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  • size

    L 1500 x W 600 x H 320 mm

  • specification

    Counter Top

    Nero Pagoda marble

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    2D DWG / 3D DWG

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