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In the world of Japanese calligraphy there is an invisible but deliberate continuity between points, lines and characters called “iren” (意連). This continuous motion ensures that there is a perfect harmony between the symbols even though they appear divided.

Even in an era like ours, so dominated by technology, the spirit of the Iren desk lies not only in its quest for beauty and simplicity but above all in its revival of a natural and harmonious action: a desk that gives rise to new work scenarios and rituals in a naturally fluid relationship between body and object. Designer Kensaku Oshiro envisaged the Iren desk as a small domestic workstation that easily adapts to modern lifestyles. Thanks to a simple motion, two overlapping surfaces slide over each other to create new work and storage spaces. The beauty of the desk is not diminished by its electronic connections: its recharging and USB points are located in a metallic black box that supports the upper surface, wrapped in an elegant leather or saddle-leather cover. The gently sloping upper surface ensures a softer feel while also providing better support for the forearms. The wall version can have an LED light fitted at the back so the desk can be used when the natural light starts to dim.
The Iren desk by Poltrona Frau comes in a free-standing version, with the desktop supported by a sawhorse base in solid ash, or a wall-mounted version, supported by brackets. The customer can choose whether the desktop slides left or right when making their order.


  • price

    R223 200. 00

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  • size


    L 1100 x W 510 | 560 x H 690 | 750 | 790 mm

    Wall Desk

    L 1190 - 1490 x W 580 x H 220 mm

  • specification


    SC, Saddle Leather

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    2D DWG / 3D DWG

PELLE FRAU® SC | Colorsphere®

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