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Fabrizio Fabris graduated from I.U.A.V. of Venice 1982. In Italy he explored and developed projects of different sizes, from architecture to design, up until 1988. From this point on he began to apply his expertise outside Italy and thanks to his focus on innovation, the interplay of different forms, the mastery of materials and respect for the culture in his host country, specialised in projects for luxury hotels and residences, conference centres, shopping malls and business centres.


Together with his wife Paola Ferracin and friend Giancarlo Moro in 2003 he founded “FABRIS&PARTNERS architetti”, a professional architecture, design and technical consultancy association for the various sectors of the construction world, from planning to interior decoration and through to different technical installations and systems. Today FABRIS & PARTNERS offers the benefit of its multidisciplinary technical and professional experience, acquired in projects of significant importance, size and complexity in Europe, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and China.

Fabrizio Fabris

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