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Elisir di Lunga Vita Bottles Kit is a cleaning kit designed for real leather lovers. A specifically designed accessory for the painstaking and thorough cleaning of your product. Elisir di Lunga Vita Bottles Kit is the perfect solution for keeping your Pelle Frau® leather upholstery soft and perfect at all times.


The kit contains: “Leather Cleaner” liquid detergent, “Leather Protector” protection and maintenance cream, “Ink Remover“ stick for a total of 2 bottles + 1 stick + 1 pure cellulose sponge + 1 cotton cloth.
The Elisir di Lunga Vita Bottles Kit is made up of a water-based liquid detergent for removing regular dirt from leather (Leather Cleaner) and a water-based protection and maintenance cream for leather (Leather Protector) which, if used regularly, helps protect upholstery from wear and tear and from oil, water and alcohol-based stains. It keeps leather looking beautiful and soft and contains softening agents that prevent it from ageing. It is important that both phases of the treatment are carried out in full, using the Leather Cleaner first and following this up with the Leather Protector. The Elisir di Lunga Vita Bottles Kit also includes a practical Ink Remover stick specially designed to remove recent ink stains from leather. Not to be used on refined leather (do not use on aniline or suede/nubuck leather).

Carefully read the instructions enclosed in the kit. Read your product’s technical sheet to find out what kind of treatment is most suitable and whether the cleaning kit is appropriate for your requirements.

N.B.: The Wipes and Bottles Kits must not be used on Pelle Frau® Soul, Century, Safari, Cuoietto and Saddle Extra leather, or on pony skin.

Elisir di Lunga Vita Bottles Kit

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