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Simona Cremascoli intertwines the tactile charm of knotting with the visual image evoked by the name ‘Chado’, which in Japanese means ‘tea ceremony’. In fact, the delicate lattice pattern on the Chado rugs is inspired by the locations dedicated to this ritual.

Grated windows and wood and paper screens through which a feeble light filters, enveloping everything in a suspended, evocative atmosphere.
The colours of tea plants and metals that rust over time inspire meditative colour variants. The Chado series reveals processing techniques that have always belonged to the rug culture. Delicate threads of bamboo silk and thick threads of linen, processed with the time-honoured knotting technique, form rugs of three-dimensional value. The miniscule knots are then cut one by one according to the ‘cut’ process. The result is a velvety, continuously changing surface where the sheen of the silk alternates with the opaqueness of the linen, which also gives body to the texture.

The Chado rugs are knotted entirely by hand on wooden frames (155,000 knots/m2). The composition of the usable surface area is 40% linen and 60% bamboo silk. The rug is 7 mm thick and weighs 3.5 kg/m2. Dimensions 200x300 cm and 250x350 cm. Made-to-measure dimensions also available on request. The bamboo silk tone-on-tone edging is entirely hand sewn to refine and embellish the four sides of the rug. Chado is available in the colours Pearl Grey, Earl Grey, Antique Yellow, Copper and Soft Blue. Chado rugs are produced in India with respect for our working conditions. The hand-sewn saddle-leather label is stamped with the Poltrona Frau brand.



  • price

    R 291 600. 00

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  • size

    W 3000 x D 2000 x H 7 mm

  • specification


    Linen & Bamboo Silk (155, 000 knots / sq.m)


    3. 5 Kg / sq.m

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