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Achille Castiglioni Born in Milan in 1918. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1944. From 1940 onwards, devoted himself to experimentation with industrial products with his brothers Livio and Pier Giacomo. Straight after the war, he began a close partnership with Pier Giacomo, their interests turning to urban planning, architecture and design (their work focused on research into forms, techniques and new materials and aimed towards developing a process of integrated design).

Their intense and varied professional work made them active participants in international cultural events: meetings, conferences and rounds tables with a particular focus on industrial design. In 1956, he was one of the founding members of ADI (Association for Industrial Design). His varied interests led Achille Castiglioni into teaching. Between 1969 and 1993, he taught “Industrial Design” first in the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino then in the Politecnico di Milano. Has received numerous awards, amongst them: nine “Compasso d’Oro” awards, Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale, winner of numerous international competitions, honorary member of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry and the Royal Society of Art in London, honorary degree from the Royal College of Art in London, honorary degree in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano. Many of his works can be found in museums throughout the world including fourteen in MoMA in New York. From 1984 to 1986, he curated an exhibition of his work, which launched in Vienna and was then hosted by the major European museums. For the 1995 “Primavera del Design” prize, an exhibition of his work was inaugurated in Barcelona, which toured internationally until 1998. He is internationally renowned for his objects in the fields of lighting and interior design, as well as for his spectacular exhibition installations. He died in Milan in 2002. Michele De Lucchi Born in Ferrara in 1951, he graduated in architecture in Florence where he was Adolfo Natalini's assistant. From 1978 onwards, he has worked with Sottsass in Milan and is one of the founding members of Memphis. Since 1979, he has worked as a design consultant for Olivetti Synthesis and, since 1981, for Olivetti. He has taught in the architecture department at Palermo University and at Cranbrook University in Detroit. He has received the Good Design prize and the Compasso d’Oro.


Achille Castiglioni & Michele De Lucchi

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