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The Filicudi mattress is made from “Lympha” microcellular foam of plant origin: the extra flexible polyurethane foam has a density of 40 kg/m2.


Can be used on both sides ∙ Self-moulding ∙ Maximum adaptability to forms ∙ medium load-bearing capacity ∙ 5 differentiated load-bearing zones · Ergonomic ∙ Correct sleeping position ∙ Elastic · Non-deforming ∙ Suitable for adjustable bed bases · Anti-mite ∙ Removable cover ∙ Cleanable ∙ Air-cooled ∙ Breathable and ventilated · Removable cover


Thickness: 23 cm



  1. Natural hemp. Anti-mite, jacquard weave.
  2. Heat-accumulating winter padding in pure virgin wool from WOOLMARK certified shearing.
  3. Padded case lining in natural cotton fabric.
  4. Natural cotton protective cover over single piece of foam.
  5. Viscoelastic micro-cell foam layer with open cells, environmentally-friendly.  Non-deforming, self-moulding, highly breathable. Density 50 kg/m³.   Average thickness 5 cm.
  6. Summer padding in heat-diffusing pure staple cotton.


Matching bed bases. Specially designed to be combined with the Zefiro bed base. Can also be used with the Brezza, Libeccio, Vespero bed bases.


Being a mattress with an internal layer in microcellular foam, Filicudi is suitable for both fixed and adjustable bed bases. 

The Mattresses — Filicudi

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