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Jean-Marie Massau has created an elegant dining chair inspired by the brand's signature armchair, the Archibald.

The Archibald chair is carved, clean and contemporary, softened with a distinctly tailored touch of detail, including the luxurious creases inside the leather backrest.

The discreet armrest, which resembles a shirt collar, is left slightly open for a deliberate, unmistakably elegant casualness.
The curves of the back and profile are discreetly and skillfully contrast stitched.
A recent addition to the Archibald collection, it appeared 10 years ago as a contemporary take on the classic English tab chair.
The new Archibald chair has all the comforts of other collections, but is smarter and more casual.
Not only in modern spaces, but on the contrary, it is full of charm that is perfect for more classic interiors.

The shell and armrests of the Archibald chair are made of hard polyurethane, and the inner pads are made of soft molded polyurethane and polyester padding.
The frame is also made of birch plywood, with polyurethane foam and padding embedded in it.
The four-legged base is made from wenge or mocha-colored ash and has felt pads on the ends of the legs.
Can be upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather or fabric. The leather version is decorated with contrast stitching.

The Decorative Cushions — Journey

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    R 14 400. 00

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    All of the Journey decorative cushions are available in the sizes: square with 47 cm sides and rectangular, 35x57 cm.

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