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The Chamonix quilt, crafted entirely in silk, offer the exceptional softness, lightness and warmth of the exquisite natural fibre.

Extremely light to the touch, the Chamonix quilt offers the pleasing warmth and tactile richness of pure silk.

The compact and soft sateen structure is achieved on special double-weave looms. The teasled finishing of the fabric gives the Chamonix a rich, full and soft feel with a velvety texture.


The colours have also been carefully selected: four elegant two-tone combinations inspired by bird plumage: Dove (ecru and turtledove), Sparrow (graphite and liquorice), Peacock (baby blue and royal blue) and Cardinal (dark red and cherry red).

Every detail is exquisite. The Poltrona Frau logo is hand-stitched in contrasting turtledove silk thread. The fringe trim of the quilt offers an interplay of different sizes and colours: 3 mm long on the long sides with a tone-on-tone effect and 15 mm long in the same colour as the hand-stitched logo on the short sides. A leather strap in pumice Pelle Frau® Nest leather encircles the quilt, providing an easy storage solution. 

The Bed Linen — Chamonix

PELLE FRAU® SC | Colorsphere®

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