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His architecture works include : Daycare center in Segrate (Milan)1972 Single family vacation home in Formentera (Baleares)1973 Residential quarter in Feltre (Belluno)1974 Suburban home in Bazzano (Bologna)1976 Double family Housing in Montesiro (Milano)1985 Home for elderly in Galliate (Novara)1986 Luceplan Factory and Headquarters in Milano 1997.


He has designed for Arteluce, Artemide, Luceplan, Alias, Cassina, Nemo, Molteni, Knoll, Kartell, Philips, Montina, Thonet, Poltrona Frau, Mandarina Duck, Guzzini, Serralunga, Lensvelt. He has taught at various University Institutes: Università degli studi Abruzzese in Pescara, Columbia University in NewYork, Milan Polytecnic, Cranbrook center in Detroit, Washington University in Saint Louis, Architecture Institute in Moscou, Architects Association in Saint Petersburg, Università degli Studi in Palermo, IUAV in Venice. His works have been publihed in magazines, catalogues and books in Italy and abroad. Projects by him presented at Seminars or Exibitions of architecture and design, are included in the permanant collections of numerous Foundations and Museums: Architectural Associations in London, Milan Triennale, Wave Hill Museum Center in New York, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica in Milan, Camere con vista ad”Abitare il tempo”in Verona, ” Creativitalia” in Tokio, “Halogen-20 jahre neues Licht” Durangewandte Kunst Museum in Cologne, “Capitales Européennes du nouveau design” Centre Pompidou in Paris, “ Tecniques Discretes” Musée des Arts Decoratifs at the Louvre in Paris, “Mutants Materials” at the Museum of Modern art in New York. “Exercises in Style” NewYork and Tokio. He has been awarded numerous prizes, among which may be mentioned: Three “Compasso d’oro” Prizes in 1981,1989, 1995 La Lampe d’Argent Sil/Paris 1988 Forum Design Cosmit/Milan 1988 La Lampe d’Or Sil/Paris 1990 Design Plus Ambiente/Frankfurt 1992 Product Award Lighting Fair/New York 1992 Red Dot Award Design Innovations’94/Essen 1994 European Community Design Prize/ Amsterdam 1994 Industrie Forum Design Prize/Hannover 1996 Swiatlo’99 / Varsavia 1999 “Good Design” Award Chicago Athenaeum Museum/ Chicago 1999.

Paolo Rizzatto

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